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See what our clients have to say about our platform, training content, and customer service. 

“The APS platform is so easy to use. It allows our crews to capture their training quickly and accurately, run the necessary reports, and then move on with the rest of their day. My command staff loves it, and so do our members.”

- Chad Augustin, Fire Chief,
Pasadena Fire Department

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"Now more than ever, a remote ability to access training materials is critical for the safety of our staff. APS provides that service for our department and for the rest of the region."

- Matt Hallock, Fire Chief,
Monterey Park Fire Department

"The quality of customer service APS provides us is amazing. It's almost as if they were an augmentation of our own staff."

- Brian Richey, Battalion Chief,
Glendale Fire Department


"APS is the Nordstrom of customer service."

- Pete Browne, Battalion Chief,
Downey Fire Department


“APS has a very high-quality training program. It’s realistic, it’s real time, it’s some of the best training that we’ve ever seen. Just a great job by APS putting that together and making it available to our fire department.”

- Tom Phelps, Fire Chief,
Alhambra Fire Department (retired)

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“The big difference between APS and our previous learning management system is we have a relationship with the APS staff. We know them by name and they’ll help walk us through anything we have to do. It’s just a different approach that APS takes.”

- Barry Spriggs, Fire Chief,
Arcadia Fire Department (retired)

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“APS has online training with real-world scenarios and great content. And they have a digital platform with good visualization and lots of functionality. When you’re able to combine those two things you have a very, very viable training product.” 

- Brad Dover, Fire Chief,
Monrovia Fire Department (retired)

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“My dealings with APS have been extremely easy. The company seems to understand our needs and is willing to work with our crazy schedules to get things done. And they’re very, very open to listening to our ideas and what we want to see in the future.”

- Steve Wallace, Fire Chief,
San Gabriel Fire Department


"We were looking for an upgrade to our department's Learning Management System. But APS provided so much more. It's a one-stop shop for our essential training needs."

- Bryan Frieders, Fire Chief,
Pasadena Fire Department (retired)

We value our clients.

We appreciate the opportunity
to build a partnership with your agency.

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